VEER make Digital Epstein Tester VET-1608 is complete stand alone instrument to measure AC magnetic properties of electrical steel of all grade and gauges mostly. It refers ASTM-343 standard. It also refers IEC 60404-2 & IS:649. Epstein Frame method is standard & worldwide accepted method to test important magnetic parameters like Watt/kg, VA/kg, Magnetizing Force, Permeability, Form Factor etc on different induction.

We provide software " VEER COMMUNICATION TOOL" along with VET-1608 which communicates with VET-1608. You can create test report of test specimen in provided MS Excel format. This Report indicates results & graph of Watt/kg, VA/kg, AC & Peak Magnetizing force, AC & Peak Permeability, Form Factor etc at different Induction which are useful to evaluate material properties and saturation point for specific Induction. Hysteresis curve (B/H) facility may also provided in VET-1608 on request.