Veer Make Autometic Transformer turns ratio tester - VTRM measures no-load turns ratio of transformer. It means ratio of high voltage winding to low voltage winding transformer. It is capable to test Y-Y, D-Y,D-D & Y-D can read turns ratio directly from front LCD display. It also measures and display % deviation & excitation current. VTRM has inbuilt data storage memory up to 200 test result.It can transfer all test result to computer using dedicated software & computer interface.

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter is widely used in the industry of Transformer to measure the Turns Ratio. Veer electronics is manufacturer & exporter of testing and measuring instruments in India. The VTRM is used to measure the turns ratio of the Transformer. It is very useful equipment for transformer manufacturers and repairers. The parameters measured by Turns Ratio Meter are turns ratio, excitation current, % Deviation. It will also display the voltages of HV winding and LV windings. There is also provision of data storage in the instrument. Transformers turns ratio meter VTRM is widely used product in India the main applications of the Transformer Turns Ratio Meter is in Power, Distribution & Instrument transformers and repairers.